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About ETHOS Project

Inspired by Aristotle, our definition of Ethos consists of ability, moral virtue and connection to the community. Our brand reflects these ideas and we see each object as an opportunity to share beauty together with purpose with our customers.

Located in Athens, each ETHOS Project object is created using traditional craftmanship to produce items of contemporary jewellery. Our products are purposely priced to remain affordable while not sacrificing quality of design, durability or value. Our hope is that the wearer of ETHOS will enjoy our jewellery not just for its creative design but also for the sense of comfort, safety, and positive energy that each piece provides. This is why each object comes with a complementary special wish, a manifestation if you will, that will accompany the wearer through her daily life.

ETHOS project encompasses the spirit of all cultures, backgrounds, faiths and truths. It is a central concept for designing and crafting our jewellery. Ethos project’s purpose is to create jewellery that reflects the wearer’s personal insights.