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Our Story

Welcome to ETHOS Project! I’m so grateful you are here. I am Barbara and my passion is creating meaningful jewellery. I enjoy using natural materials (stones, leather, string, crystals you name it) to create pieces that when worn, help others reveal their true qualities and move forward in life.

I have always loved handmade jewellery and in 2012 I turned my passion into a small business. I am thankful to have grown from making jewellery for friends and family to creating a business of wholesale and 2 physical retail stores in the south of Athens. I have received immense joy and connection through jewellery parties and numerous exhibitions.

In time, I began incorporating natural stones and talismans for specific needs. I love embodying symbols and elements of different cultures and religions into my work, as well as using materials with healing properties.

In constant search for renewal I have launched ETHOS Project, a brand that embraces cultural and spiritual diversity into handmade pieces of jewellery.

With commitment to honor individuals and help them reveal their true qualities I have created a line of jewellery that represents each person's needs and wants, providing inspiration, joy and empowerement as the means of moving forward in life.