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Symbolic Jewelry:

Since prehistoric times, people have used symbols to convey a deeper meaning. When we add symbols to jewelry the outcome serves a purpose. Each symbol can protect, calm, balance, inspire and invigorate its wearer from day-to-day lives.

Talisman: An object that offers protection and good energy


Symbol of: Symbol of wisdom Intellectual and ethical ideal..
Symbol of: Wholeness Infinite Center..
Symbol of: Symbol of Christianity Inspires compassion ..
Good luck talisman Symbol of: Wisdom Protection ..
Symbol of: Symbol of intuition and prosperity across many traditio..
Symbol of: wealth, enlightenment and prosperity Honourable..
Symbol of protection from negative energy Blessings Brings..
Symbol of: Love Joy Compassion Kindness ..
Symbol of: Actions and its consequences What you put out c..
Symbol of: New beginnings Rebirth Infinite potenti..
Symbol of: Peace The Universe The Infinite ..
Symbol of: Protection Devine feminine Personal evo..
Symbol of: Feminine energy Symbol of: Purity..
Symbol of: Transformation Creativity Feminine and ..
Symbol of: Guidance Protection & divine energy as we w..
Symbol of: Leadership Loyalty Power Vital..
Symbof of: Inner self Constellation under which you were born refle..
Symbols of: Alignment Spiritual power When aligned..
A personal favorite necklace with cream colored crystals, hematite beads and adorned with crosses offering protection and guidance. Can be worn in many ways choker and statement necklace or ever mixed with chains as well...
Ex Tax:20.97€
An easy to mix and match necklace with spaced hematite stars offering grounding, stability and vision.  Adjustable strap to offer a variety of sizes from choker to statement necklace...
Ex Tax:16.94€
Simple character this bracelet but with great protection. Easy to wear and stand out...
Ex Tax:6.45€
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