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Chakras: in the western world chakras (energy centers) correspond to the colours of the rainbow. From violet (crown) to red base chakra.

Colour: Violet or White Relates to: spiritual connection and enlightenme..
Colour: Purple Relates to: perception Issues: Inspiration ..
Colour: Blue Relates to: artistic and personal expression Issues: ..
Colour: Pink or Green Relates to: loving your life and blissing through ..
Colour: Yellow Relates to: strength, abundance and governs health Iss..
Colour: Orange Relates to: Pleasures Issues: Sexual pleasur..
Colour: Red Relates to: Security Survival issues: Economic s..
The chakras offer alignment to allow us to flow freely on a day to day basis. This necklace is a vibrant additive. Worn from chocker to statement necklace.  ..
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There are many fish in the sea, of all colours and styles. A summer edition that adds lightness and playfulness to your wrist...
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